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Florida Marriage License by Mail

The application process & the steps to be taken:

Florida Marriage license by mail is one of the greatest service provided by In this service the paperwork that needs to be notarized does not require both of you to be in the same state and this is perfect for couples where both people do not live in the same state like a person is hospitalized, in prison, or a military member who is deployed in another country.

  • STEP 1 – Online application : 

    Complete the online license application formPlease note : Prior to application, couples from outside the USA should check their local authorities to see if they require an Apostille. If required, there will be an additional $40.00 but this requirement is usually required by foreign countries to record the marriage as official.

  • STEP 2 – Payment 

    Complete our secure payment by choosing the service that best fits your needs

  • STEP 3 – Submission to court house 

    Once your application and payment have been received then we will submit the application to the courthouse along with payment.

  • STEP 4 – Application back from courthouse 

    Once we receive the marriage license application back from the courthouse, we will return it to you via email along with a ’Marriage License in Absentia’ statement that confirms that you have read the Florida Law Handbook and a letter detailing the next steps to be taken, as explained below.  If you do not receive your application back within 10 days of the original submission please contact us [email protected], as we may be experiencing problems with your email address.

  • STEP 5 – Your signature required 

    Download a copy of the Florida Law Handbook. You will have to sign the ’Marriage License in Absentia’ statement to say that you have read this handbook.

  • STEP 6 – Public notary 

    The Marriage License in Absentia form just requires the signatures of the bride and groom. You should ensure that the copies of the application and Marriage License are printed on white paper and that the Public Notary stamps the license in the correct area – incorrect stamping will not be acceptable and will delay the processing time.

  • STEP 7 – Sending the documents for processing 

    Using the pre-paid Federal Express shipping label, you will send the signed and notarized “Official State Application” and the signed “Marriage License in Absentia” form along with the pre-paid Federal Express label into the FedEx mailer and ship.

  • STEP 8 – Wedding license issued 

    Your official licence will be either sent to you directly or if you wish, to your wedding coordinator or another person or location such as the hotel you will be staying.

Note: When selecting the process that best fits your time frame, please also select the additional services if one of you are residing in another state and the paperwork will have to make an additional stop in the completion process (additional FedEx fee applies) or, if the person is in another country (additional FedEx fee will apply).

* If for any reason 20 days prior to the wedding all paperwork has not been received we reserve the right to refuse you application and ask you to go to the nearest courthouse on arrival into Florida, no refund will be given.

We cannot accept responsibility for any licenses lost in the mail or mailings sent to the incorrect address, if we were not advised of a different address from the one that payment was made with.

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Next Steps…

Ready to order your Florida marriage License by Mail? The next steps are to purchase the service you need that is based on the number of days until your big day then, complete the Marriage application form. Have Question? Click Here [email protected]