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Ever been to really bad, boring wedding that even the groom was knotting off? Imagine a ceremony that is custom written to “Tell your Love Story.” You see, that is who and what we are. PremierOfficiant.com has been serving the wedding community for over 15 years. Our officiant services are available to couples who are getting married in our region, which, is Southeast Georgia south to St. Augustine. In most cases we are available for the rehearsal and work well with even the most demanding brides and wedding coordinators. You see, at the end of the day, IT IS THE BRIDE’S DAY AND THE BRIDES WAY! We are highly rated on all the major social media sites and perform over 200 ceremonies each year. PremierOfficiant.com performs ceremonies ranging from just the couple on the beach to big events with over 500 attendees.

As mentioned, we have been marrying couples for many years and whether you are having a religious, non-religious, or spiritual ceremony you have come to the right place. Over time, we learned that our passion was to craft the words that unite couples in a memorable way. Our company is all about the ceremony and it is our belief that before the wedding party is introduced onto the dance floor, before dad and daughter have their dance, the focus should be on the gateway to this big day…the ceremony. Our ceremonies will be at the forefront of your memory for years to come. Whether you want a ceremony that make you laugh, cry, or simply moves you PremierOfficiant.com is the officiant service for you.

Our Process: Once you have decided to retain our services, you and your fiancé will complete a detailed questionnaire that will set the course leading to and unfolding on your big day. Once the questionnaire is complete, you will meet with Dr. Gaines or one of his associates to review your expectations and vision. The free consultation can take place live (in person), over the phone, Zoom or Facetime. But our pre-ceremony services do not end with this meeting. We will again connect 2 weeks out from the big day to confirm what was discussed in the first meeting and making any changes needed to get ready for the big day.

Fees: we know how expensive wedding these days are and for this reason, for any ceremony that will be taking place one month or longer from the booking date, only 50% of the total fee for services will be collected, with the balance due 14 days before the big day.

Want to add something special? In addition to officiant services, PremierOfficiant.com offers an array of ceremony accents such as the Cord of 3 Strands, Unity Sand Ceremony, Candle Unity Ceremony, Broom jumping, and the Love Letter Locking Wine Box Ceremony.


Florida County Clerk approved Florida Marriage License by Mail Processing

Order your Florida Marriage License and have it delivered to your home.

Many residents of Florida, couples coming in from out of state, or from out of the country do not know that although Florida law requires the couple to appear in person to apply and obtain their wedding license, there are certain Florida clerks that have authorized private companies to expedite the license process.

How is this possible?

Some time back, it was realized that not everyone has the ability to appear in person at the clerk’s office. To these ends, 7 of the state’s 67 clerk’s offices began to offer Marriage License by Mail Services. For PremierOfficiant.com and its sister company FloridaCountyClerk.com this created an enormous opportunity to help the Disabled, Senior Citizens, those Hospital or home bound, Active Duty Military, couples coming into Florida from out of town or from overseas, and the incarcerated the ability to obtain the marriage license.  What is also interesting, is that during the height of the Pandemic, the clerk we are assigned to was one but only a few across the whole state that remained open and was issuing marriage licenses.

The Process: The process is easy-breezy! We offer a number of licensing processing services that are based on the amount of time until the big day. Once you decide on the service, you will pay for your selection, complete the simple and official state application, the clerk will issue two forms only one of which has to be notarized, once you have completed the paper you will send it directly t our clerk and once, they receive the paperwork the license is issued and sent to the address of your choosing.

But the clerk I contacted said this type of service is not available…

Many of the state’s clerk offices that do not offer marriage license by mail services are not aware there are only a small number of Florida clerks that have people like us-we are known as Marriage License Coordinators.

It only makes sense…

Think about it, there are people that either live in Florida or will be visiting the state that are disabled, deployed military, living in another state, incarcerated, Visiting and planning on getting married in Florida, do not live near a Florida County Clerk, are from other countries, or for any reason that would prevent them from appearing in person. FloridaCountyClerk.com fills this void and the issue. Please click on the link below for more details or simply give us a call or drop us an email.


ExpressVows.com – When you don’t need the ceremony

ExpressVows was created for those couples who are not planning a large ceremony but need a few quick vows (required by Florida Law) to get the marriage license signed and the marriage legal. We will meet you anywhere in the general northeast Florida area (coffee shop, restaurant, even the library) to sign off on the license.

Not in our area?

No problem, we can do the vows via Facetime, Zoom, or over the telephone. Please note: You have to send the license to us via express mail and the license must be in-hand prior to signing off on the marriage.

We also offer full and Romantic Virtual Ceremonies

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